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Facial Bone

Natural V Line

Natural V Line

This surgery reduces the volume of the angular square jaw.
Also, through highly precise cuts and movements of the bones,
Natural V Line with a slim but not a sharp chin tip is formed.


    2 hours


    General Anesthesia


    1 day


    14 days


    14 days

  • What is the Natural V Line?

    This surgery creates a slim line of the chin and forms a natural V-shaped line all the way to the cheekbones.

    Although it reduces the volume of the angular square jaw in the same way as Doll line® surgery there is a difference: more natural shape of V line with a slightly rounded chin instead of a sharp one.VIEW Clinic provides both the natural V line and Doll line surgeries and helps the patient to make a choice based on their preference.However, the patient should not choose the V-line surgery if the position of the neural gland is too low.

  • Before the surgery

  • After the Natural V Line surgery

  • After the Natural V Line surgery

Tip. Nobody will find out about your chin surgery thanks to absorbable pins and screws.

When fixing the bones with the absorbable pins and screws, they bind tight healing coalescing bones for 3 months and when all bones are healed, they just start to dissolve and fully disappear in a year, not causing any functional problems during talking or eating.
Thus, there is no need for the secondary surgery to remove pins and nuts and you can rest assured that they are not identified by the X-ray.
VIEW provides the option of using either absorbable pins and nuts or conventional pins and nuts for surgery and the finall decidion is made after the consultation.

Specialty of the VIEW Natural V Line Surgery

    Reduce the widths of the chin and the square jaw to form a slim and slender front appearance.


    Reduce the width of the square jaw and form a smooth side line to the chin.


    The planned error-free surgery reduces surgery time and causes minimal bleeding and quick recovery.


    3D CT identifies the nerve pathways and minimizes nerve damage.

The bone scalpel is an ultrasonic device that cuts the bones
by responding only to the bone tissues.

It has less vibration (within 0.5mm), enabling a very precise surgery, protects
nearby blood vessels and nerves by responding only to bones, thus causing less
tissue damage and bleeding and providing quick recovery.

When you need Natural V Line surgery
  • 01.

    If you want a natural V line

  • 02.

    If you want a natural-looking small face with a smooth outline

  • 03.

    If you have a wide angular jaw and round front chin

  • 04.

    If you have previously received a square jaw surgery but do not have a V line

Before and after
the surgery
V line
Surgical Method
  • 01.
    Long Curve Resection

    Reducing the side chin areaCreates gradual slope resection startng under the ear to the lower jaw.

  • 02.
    Cortical Bone Resection

    Reducing the chin widthCarefully cuts a layer of the outer cortical bone to reduce the facial volume.

  • 03.
    T Osteotomy

    Reduce the width of the front chinCuts the tip of the chin into a T shape, removes the middle bone, gathers the remaining bones and fixes them in a suitable position. At this point, a slimmer chin line is created by cutting bones as much as possible.

  • 04.
    Muscle Reduction

    Reducing the chin volumeUsing a small medical needle to transmit high-frequency waves through the oral cavity to burn and reduce part of the muscles.

  • 05.
    Removing Deep Facial Fat

    Reducing the chin volumeRemove excess fat around the cheeks through the oral cavity.

Why VIEW Clinic’s facial contouring surgery
has been receiving the spotlight?
1. The dream team of facial bones achieving the best results with safe surgery

    Cooperation of more than 2 plastic surgeons.
    Direct consulting with the operating surgeons.
    Customized surgery plan and error-free surgery.


    The residing anesthesiologist participates
    in surgery planning and takes care of the
    patients until they recover.
    Defibrillator, UPS, antiseptic surgery system.
    Precise examination before the surgery.


    Swelling and skin treatments by the dedicated
    facial contouring care department.
    Scaling and oral check-ups by the partner
    dental clinic.

2. 3D CT upgrading the operational precision and stability

3DCT is a device that projects x-rays on the human body in order to reconstruct a three-dimensional image of internal structures.
Comparing to other X-ray images it is 3000 times more accurate and able to produce a multi-dimensional analysis of facial bones’ size, location, depth, length,
and width. Based on this, surgery methods and limits can be customized into an individual surgery plan.
Furthermore, thanks to precise knowledge of neural glands location, the surgery can be performed safely and with no neurological damage.

Dedicated Care

Dedicated Care

The dedicated care department with massage specialists helps with
the quick recovery and perfection of beauty in the final stage of the facial
bone surgery.


    Swelling management for quick recovery


    Aesthetic massage for clean skin care


    Scaling and oral checkup for a clean oral cavity

Dedicated Care
  • Continuous feedback
    from operating surgeons

    The operating surgeon personally checks the patient for a certain period of time to
    achieve satisfactory results.

  • A dedicated caregiver
    from the facial bone care

    A dedicated caregiver from the facial bone care department helps with the swelling
    reduction and skin care procedures.

  • Ultrasound and IR Care

    Ultrasound and IR Care helps with the blood circulation and detox through the
    ultrasound and IR treatments and helps with muscle relaxation for a quick recovery.

  • Shampoo Care

    The team checks the sanitation condition and progress and then helps you to
    maintain hygiene through shampoo care when you visit the clinic for the first time
    after the surgery.

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    • 06
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    • 08

      Suture removal and begin
      the management for the
      chin bone surgery

    • 09
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      Suture removal, for
      square jaw and front chin

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      Teeth scaling, injection to
      reduce swelling, on a case
      by case basis

    • 30
    • 31
This is the follow-up care schedule
suggested by VIEW Plasitc Surgery
  • 1st week

    1. Cleansing
    2. Dead skin removal
    3. APL or IR treatment

  • 2st week

    1. Cleansing
    2. High frequency or ultrasound treatment

  • 4st week

    1. Teeth scaling
    2. Injection to reduce swelling (on a case by case basis)