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Safety First

Safety First

The clinic thoroughly checks safety factors with the belief
that Plastic surgery must be based on safety.

1. Safety Checkup

View Plastic Surgery precisely and extensively checks for diseases the patient might be unaware of through blood tests,
ECG and chest X-ray and decides whether or not to perform the surgery.

2. Safe Surgery
Cooperation System

Specialists in each plastic surgery field set up a customized surgery plan based on
the patient’s condition and provide a safe error-free surgery.

Experienced Anesthesiologists

Anesthesiologists specialized in plastic surgery field are full-time employees at View Plastic Surgery.
The doctor continuously checks the vital signs of the patient like breathing, pulse, blood pressure and body temperature during the surgery to keep the patient stable and provides care until the patient regains their consciousness for higher safety.

3. Safety Devices

There are several anesthesiologists residing in View Plastic Surgery and they are working hard to achieve safe
and beautiful results with various kinds of devices and facilities.

  • Dantrolene

    View Plastic Surgery possesses dantrolene allowing prompt measures to be taken against malignant hyperthermia syndrome which leads to death from fever during general anesthesia.

  • Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy (FFB)

    The FFB is good for secure check-up of the respiratory tract with no damage to tissues instead of the general laryngoscope which is difficult to insert into the tract due to bleeding during surgery.

  • Cricothyrotomy Kit

    We are invariably prepared to quick respond in case of emergency. The cricothyrotomy kit is always in place for a competent anesthesiolo gist to quickly insert it into patient’s respiratory tract if needed.

  • Blood Test

    View Plastic Surgery clinic decides whether or not to perform the surgery after precisely and extensively checking for major diseases the patient might be unaware of before the surgery.

  • ECG

    The ECG may prevent problems that might arise from anesthesia through making a diagnosis for angina pectoris, myocardial infarction (heart attack) or arrhythmia (irregular heart beat).

  • Biological Monitoring

    A certified anesthesiologist monitors the physiological condition of the patient such as breathing, blood pressure and body temperature during an operation through the patient biological monitoring system.

  • Cardiac Defibrillator

    The clinic possesses cardiac defibrillators to respond to a potential emergency situation.

  • General Anesthesia Machine / Sedation Anesthesia Machine

    View Plastic Surgery Clinic uses safe anesthesia machines and drugs approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) and performs secure surgeries,thanks to anesthesia experts residing on site 24/7.

  • Body Temperature Regulator

    Hypothermia may occur when body temperature drops below normal temperature during a long-term surgery performed under general anesthesia. The body temperature regulator prevents hypothermia and helps with a safe and comfortable recovery.

  • UPS Self-Generation System

    The device supplies electric power needed for the safe completion of the surgery in case of an unexpected blackout due to the natural disasters.

  • Sterilization

    All medical tools and equipment are used after thorough cleaning and sterilization to prevent infections during surgery.

  • 3D-CT

    The 3D-CT precisely checks the thickness and slope of the chin and locations of the nerves not visible to naked eyes. It helps to set up a surgery plan and perform it precisely, minimizing damage to blood vessels and nerves.

  • X-ray

    The x-ray is used in the diagnostics of osteotomy (Two-jaw surgery) and facial contouring. The device can collect basic facial bone data like dental occlusion and bone shape with cross-sections.

  • Bone Scalpel

    It is ultrasound cutting device that responds only to osseous tissues (bones) and protects nearby blood vessels and tissues. More precise surgery is possible due to minimal vibration.

  • Morpheus 3D

    The device may analyze and compare the appearances before and after surgery through 3D virtual simulation. It predicts changes not only in facial soft tissues and helps to set up a surgery plan with high accuracy.

  • 3D Vectra

    The device analyzes very small body regions through ultra-high resolution scanning and compares the appearances before and after breast surgery through virtual 3D cosmetic surgery visualization.

  • HD Breast Ultrasonography

    The FFB is good for secure check-up of the respiratory tract with no damage to tissues instead of the general laryngoscope which is difficult to insert into the tract due to bleeding during surgery.

  • Mammotome

    The technique may obtain a proper amount of tissue for breast cancer diagnosis without surgical operation and have the precision equivalent to a surgical section biopsy.

  • Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

    The method collects cells near the tumor with a fine needle for the presence of cancer. This simple examination method provides quick and accurate results.

  • Biopsy Gun

    During the examination needle pricks tissues in different spots to collect several tissue samples and upgrade the accuracy of the diagnosis.

  • Endoscope

    The endoscope enables a precise and safe surgery by directly viewing deep areas that are difficult to see with naked eyes during breast surgery.

  • Patient-Controlled Analgesia

    The device adjusts the proper amount of painkillers for automatic injection depending on an individual’s level of pain.