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Medical Staff

Medical Staff

The staff members do their best for a safe and beautiful
plastic surgery based on rich surgery experience.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Dr. Choi Soon Woo

  • Dr. Yun Chang Woon

  • Dr. Kim Jeong Min

  • Dr. Kim Do Hyung

  • Dr. Kang Hae Won

  • Dr. Jeong Jin Wook

  • Dr. Park Ji Hoon

  • Dr. Chung Jae Hyun

  • Dr. Kim Hyeon woo

  • Dr. Kim Ji Min

Stationed-in Anesthesiologist
  • Dr. Moon Ji Hyun

  • Dr. Kwon Ji Sook

  • Dr. Choi Yoon Jung

Surgical Specialist (Breast ultrasound exam/mammotome)
  • Dr. Kim Min Soo

Skin Care
  • Dr. Lee Seung Hyun

  • Dr. Lee Ji Hyun