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VIEW’s liposuction makes smooth body line without any bumpy areas and
with our effective follow-up care, a beautiful and slim figure is made.


    1 – 2 hours


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    Same day discharge


    7 days


    2 weeks

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical method which removes the fat that is excessively stored under the skin. The fat is suctioned
after finely decomposing the fat with a suction pipe. It is dangerous to suction more than 10% of your bodyweight so it is
important to take out an appropriate amount of fat rather than taking out as much as possible to make a healthy bodyline.

Specialty of VIEW liposuction

When high-frequency energy affects fat tissues, it generates heat in it. This is called
heat fever, which helps reduce fat by melting unnecessary water between fat cells and
softening the fat that was firm. The blood flow also increases, which promotes blood
and lymphatic circulations.

Thanks to active cell function, recovery of bruises and swelling is rapid and the skin
elasticity is increased.


It is difficult to remove large amounts of fat from the face and neck, but if the is a lot of fat in cheeks and neck areas, the facial line will be narrowed and the neck will have longer appearance after the liposuction.

Surgical Method
  • 1.

    Insert fat suction tube by making a small incision, that will leave almost no visible marks

  • 2.

    Minimize tissue and nerve damage through accurate liposuction.


Fat in the arms, thighs, and armpits is hard to get rid of by diets or exercises. But in case of liposuction, results are very satisfactory, especially for upper parts of the arms. View Plastic Surgery makes beautiful results with delicate liposuction and creates slim and nicely shaped arms.

Surgical Method
  • 1.

    Insert the suction tube by making a 5mm incision close to the armpit crease.

  • 2.

    Since the fat layer is not thick, sucking must be equal to provide even distribution.

In most cases, 300 to 800cc of fat can be removed from one arm and armpit.

Although the sides and waist can be reduced in size by diets and exercise, liposuction is the best way to reduce the number of fat cells to prevent the yoyo phenomenon and make you prone to gain weight again. View Plastic Surgery creates a slim, smooth bodyline by sucking both deep and thin layers of fat evenly.

Surgical Method
  • 1.

    Since the waist has a lot of fat, the overall volume is reduced by sucking deep fat areas first

  • 2.

    Afterward, the fat in thin layers is delicately sucked and molding provided to create a smooth skin surface.


The abdomen has a lot of subcutaneous (under-skin) fat, which can lead to fibrosis (scarring or skin thickening) and cellulite. Also, the skin surface can look chubby and saggy. In View Plastic Surgery, not only the abdomen but sides undergo the liposuction together to create a slimmer waistline.

Surgical Method
  • 1.

    To minimize scarring, an incision through the belly button or the inner incision is made.

  • 2.

    Absorb fat of the upper and lower abdomen and sides.

Approximately 2,000 to 3,000cc of fat can be removed from the abdomen area, and the weight change varies from 1 to 2kg.

The hips consist of hard, dense, fiber-containing tissues (muscles), and the fat layer above it. The best slimming effect is reached through diets and exercise.
Therefore, in this particular area liposuction is effective as part of tightening treatment for the sagging hips.
Also in the case of genetic predisposition to gain weight in the lower body area, when a person, despite being thin, cannot lose hip/thigh fat and only liposuction can help.

Surgical Method
  • 1.

    An incision will be done following the crease underneath the hips.

  • 2.

    The surgeon will focus on removing the fat on the top and bottom parts to achieve lifting effect.

  • 3.

    Fat Graft can be used to create additional volume in the buttocks


Excessive accumulation of subcutaneous fat or the development of calf muscle can create thick calves. In case, when they look thick due to a large amount of fat, the liposuction procedure can be the solution.

Operating method
  • 1.

    Make the incision in the area behind the knee or from the side of the ankle bone.

  • 2.

    The calves usually have thinner fat area compared to other areas and tend to come back to its original size in time.
    Thus a thin suction tube is used to provide even results and delete as much fat as possible.

It is recommended to consider liposuction procedure only if the fat layer is thick enough since it is difficult to expect great results if the layer of fat is thin.
Liposuction Types

The liposuction procedure can be divided into four categories: mechanical, ultrasound, vibration and laser depending on the characteristics of the instrument used.
These devices will able to effectively suck big amounts of fat while minimizing damage to blood vessels and nerve system.

  • 1. Mechanical Liposuction

    The liposuction procedure can be divided into four categories: mechanical, ultrasound, vibration and laser
    depending on the characteristics of the instrument used. These devices will able to effectively suck big amounts of
    fat while minimizing damage to blood vessels and nerve system.

  • 2. Laser Liposuction (Accusculpt)

    ACCULIFT is a procedure during which a needle will be inserted through a needle-sized opening which heals without scarring. The fat melting wavelength heats the fat and surrounding collagen once the laser is introduced and it will destroy the fat which is then absorbed naturally by the body. Then collagen is produced by stimulation of the dermis layer of the skin during the treatment. In addition, no incisions are made during the surgery to minimize pain, swelling and bruising. It is safe and FDA approved.

  • 3. Ultrasonic Liposuction

    This method generates 16,000Hz ultrasonic waves and selectively destroys the fat. The benefits are minimal bleeding and minimal tissue damage. The ultrasound also causes contraction of the skin surface which helps it to become more smooth after the surgery. However, if the intensity of the ultrasound is too high, the heat reaction can cause burns. Thus the strength of the ultrasound has to be well adjusted according to the area of the treatment and degree of obesity.

  • 4. Vibration Liposuction

    This equipment uses compressed air to make the suction tube vibrate from side to side hundreds of times per second. This vibration is breaking down fat cells quickly to facilitate absorption Strong vibration waves will allow suction of deep fat and its quick absorption. However, it is very important to choose an experienced specialist to avoid tissue damage.