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Breast CheckUp

VIEW Breast CheckUp
Before & After Surgery

VIEW uses a breast ultrasonography that can be used for accurate diagnosis
for breast implants and breast condition before and after the surgery as well as
mammomtome(EnCor) device to allow surgery with minimal incision and less
pain from biopsy to removal of lumps.

  • General breast examination
    by the specialist
  • Perform biopsy for tumor.
VIEW it is a must for general surgery (breast examination)
specialist to do breast check-up before & after the surgery.

Digital mammography(FFDM) and ultrasonography device is used to precisely diagnose any tumor and will be removed through a surgical procedure called mammotome.

VIEW general surgery Specialist breast
ultrasonography check-up system.

VIEW has been doing breast implant and breast health check up for 15 years since it’s opening.

  • 01.
    Breast Examination Specialist (Before & After Breast Surgery)

    VIEW breast examination specialist will analyze if there are any breast cancer and also will look for any ruptured implant, capsular contracture, capsule thickness. They can also check the cause of edema, infection and also the position of the implant.The tumor will have to be removed along with the implant in the future if you were not aware about the tumor before the surgery.

  • 02.
    Digital Mammography (Before & After Breat Surgery)

    It is vital to check any diagnosis of breast disease and most importantly for breast cancer especially for women. Digital mammography can be used to perform more accurate diagnosis in cases of dense breasts with a relatively high risk of being breast cancer.

  • 03.
    Breast Ultasonography Check Up (Before & After Surgery)

    Breast ultrasonography is performed by our specialist if there are any suspicious lump discovered in your breast and will analyze whether the lump is a fluid-filled cyst or a solid tumor. It also allows them to find the location and size of the lump. Most importantly it does not contain radiation which makes the procedure safe.

  • 04.
    Breast Examination Specialist (Before & After Breast Surgery)

    Mammomtone can detect lumps that can be removed with a small incision in the breast to collect some tissue and determine if there are cancerous or positive lump-cysts.

VIEW Breast Biopsy Check-Up

General breast examination specialist, can perform preoperative breast examination as well as postoperative breast
examination with mammotome procedure equipment provided from the ultrasonography diagnosis equipment of university
hospital before and after breast implantation.

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Core Needle Biopsy
Doctor uses a very thin needle attached to a syringe to remove a small amount of tissue or fluid sample from suspicious area then the biopsy is checked to see if there are any sign of cancer cells in it. There is another refered type of biopsy if breast cancer is suspected. A type of thin needle is used to take out pieces of breast tissue that the doctor has felt of has pinpointed during ultrasonography check-up.
VIEW Breast Biopsy Check-Up

Mammotome, biopsy & removal of benign tumor.It can be carried out once without surgery therefore diagnose and treatment
are possible at the same time.

Mammotome procedure is a proven method of safety for more than 3 million women worldwide.

Mammomtome Breast Screening Before Breast Surgery Sample.
  • Lump being observed in the right breast.

  • Mammotome before its implementation.

  • Mammotome after it’s implementation.

  • Removed all nodules using mammogram
    leaving only traces.

Is it possible to diagnose
Breast Implant Associated
Lymphoma(BIA-ALCL) through
mammomtone device?

Common symptoms for Breast Implant Associated Lymphoma(BIA-ALCL)
are large amounts of fluid and tumor which can be easily identified by using
breast ultrasonography device. However we need cell test and biopsy result
first in order to diagnose the Breast Implant Associated Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).
Breast screening is a process of examining breast tissue and checking the
condition of the treasure under the tissue simultaneously, not just breast cancer,
but also the damage to implant & fluid filled cyst around implant, and the overall
health of the breast.

It is very rare to find places who will conduct cell test and biopsy to diagnose
the name of the disease. VIEW is one of them.

Breast Specialist Dr.Kim Min Soo
Breast Ultrasonography Photos After Breast Surgery

Ultrasonography waves allow you to examine the upper and lower sides of the implant to accurately identify the location and condition of the implants.

  • It is completely normal, for less than half of the screen to look
    pitch black when there is breast implants inside.

  • We will confirm that the implant has been inserted nicely by
    showing every upper, lower, left and right location of it.

Diagnosis That Can be Confirmed by Breast
Ultrasonography After Breast Implant.

We can Identify the condition of implant and mammary tissue at the same time as implant tubing into the breast, so you can check the presence of breast disease,
location of implant and blood vessels, and the presence of pocket fluid in the surgical area after breast surgery through ultrasonography breast examination

  • Implant Rupture
  • Implant Fold
  • Implant Nodule
    (Round Lump)
  • Implant Rippling
  • Capsular Contracture
  • Capsular Contracture
    (Thick Capsule)
  • Seroma
  • Hematoma
VIEW Mammary Procedure

Purpose for VIEW Breast Ultrasonography

Breast plastic surgery specialists and surgeons will protect your delicate breasts.

  • 01.

    Considering Breast Implant

  • 02.

    If you feel breast pain, mammary glands,
    fibroadenoma etc

  • 03.

    If you need check after breast implants.

  • 04.

    Family member history with breast cancer.

  • 05.

    Woman age above 30 who need constant
    breast check-ups.

  • 06.

    Background history with benign tumor removal.