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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

View Plastic Surgery is known for the top Korean breast implants experts
and breast surgery center with dedicated doctors who have perfected
their craft and strive to deliver the best plastic surgery in Korea


    1 – 1.5 hours


    General Anesthesia


    1 day


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    7 days

What is breast augmentation surgery?

The surgery augments small or sagging breasts based on an individual’s figure and proportions to make beautiful breasts

To make natural breasts
  • 01.

    Select the proper implants considering
    the chest circumference, skin texture
    and current breast volume.

  • 02.

    Perform precise dissection so blood vessels
    and nerves are not damaged.

  • 03.

    Insert the implants in the right position
    considering the areola and nipple

Special features of VIEW’s breast surgery

    Cosmetic surgery and general surgery dept. (ultrasound breast examination) provide one-stop management from ultrasound breast examination through operation to recovery and follow-up care.


    The system predicts the suitable breast size for the body before the surgery and decides the size of the implants through the simulation.


    The dedicated care department provides intensive care to restore the elasticity of the breasts after the surgery.


    Patients can select a tear drop prosthetic with a suitable size and shape.


    The dedicated care department provides intensive care to restore the elasticity of the breasts after the surgery.


    It prevents implant damage and capsular contracture through continuous follow-up care after the breast surgery.

When you need breast augmentation surgery
  • 01.

    If you want to add volume to your breasts

  • 02.

    If your breast is smaller than the average

  • 03.

    In case of small and sagging breasts

  • 04.

    If the upper body is small compared to the lower body

  • 05.

    If because of the weight loss or breastfeeding your breast deformed

Type of breast implants
1. Type of implants

It is classified as smooth type and texture type depending on the cover material of the implants.
(Only the texture type of the tear drop implants are produced because the tear drop implants make the breasts crooked when the implants are not fixed within the breast)

Classification Smooth surface (smooth type) Rough surface (texture type)
Material Smooth surface Rough surface thanks to fine grooves on the surface
of the smooth type
Surgery features Secures a large pocket for the surgery so the
implants can move within the space
Implants are fixed as they fit perfectly into the
pocket during the surgery
Advantages Natural movement and feel Implants are firmly secured to the breast tissue and
thus have low possibility of capsular contracture
Disadvantages Require massages for at least 6 months to
prevent tissue adhesion
Possibility of the capsule formation
Recommended for Those with poor breast elasticity
Those with soft breasts but not much volume
Those having breasts with a certain amount of volume
Those with breasts difficult to massage due to firm breast tissue or muscles
2. Shape of implants

The tear drop implants look similar to the real breasts and have natural volume with no protruded upper part.VIEW experiensed surgeons enable tear drop breast surgery
even when the round-shape implants are more suitable depending on the patient’s breast condition.

Classification Tear drop implants Round-shaped implants
Feature The tear drop implants are for those who desire breasts with
smooth upper part and full volume in the lower part
The round-shaped implants are for those who desire a full
volume of the entire breast
Recommended for Those with short distance between the nipples and the bottom line of the breasts
Those with flat breasts
Those with high breasts
Those with narrow and insufficient chest
Those with sagging breasts
Those with proper distance between the nipples and the bottom of the breasts
Those with poor upper part of the breasts
Those with proper breast height
Those with normal chest size
Those with sagging breasts
Surgery method
1. Surgery method depending on incision
Classification Armpit incision Nipple incision Under breast incision
Method Incise 2 – 4cm of the armpit folds Incise along the lower part of the nipples Incise the folds where the breasts naturally
fold above the abdomen by 3 – 4cm
Advantages Less scars after surgery and a natural look
Preserves senses with no damage around the nipples
Quick surgery and recovery
Easy to secure the space for inserting the implants
Less pain and relatively free arm movement
Most simple surgery and short surgery time
Disadvantages Slight discomfort in arm movement right after the surgery Impossible to perform on small nipples Visible scars when lying down
2. Surgery methods depending on the prosthesis insertion point

The surgery method depending on the prosthetic position includes prosthetic insertion above the pectoralis major muscle, beneath the mammary gland, and dual plane above and beneath the muscle.

Classification Insertion below the muscle Dual plane (dual-layered breast augmentation) Insertion below the mammary gland
Method Prosthetic insertion beneath the chest muscle called the pectoralis major muscle Place 2/3 of the prosthetic beneath the chest muscle and 1/3 above the chest muscle Insert the prosthetic right beneath the chest tissues above the pectoralis major muscle
Advantages The most preferred method for a natural feel and a tear drop shape Prevents breasts with double lines where dual-layered lines form Simple surgery with less pain without muscle expansion
Disadvantages Pain due to the expansion of the breast tissues and muscles and relatively long recovery period A difficult surgery that may cause side effects if performed by an inexperienced medical specialist Not performed much due to the possibility of capsular contracture
Why VIEW Clinic’s breast surgery
has been receiving the spotlight?
    (partner medical institution)

    Breast surgery with functional and aesthetic aspects from the cooperation between cosmetic and general surgeons (breast diagnosis)
    Customized surgery considering physical features like height, chest circumference and extent of sagging


    The anesthesiologist participates in the entire surgery process including surgery planning and performing the surgery to ensure safety
    The anesthesiologist resides in the hospital for real-time monitoring until the patient regains their consciousness


    Elasticity recovery and recovery management by the dedicated department
    Manages scars after the surgery and prevents capsular contracture

  • View Hospital’s implants are
    original products of Mentor approved
    by the U.S. FDA and KFDA.

    Their safety and effectiveness have been proved
    based on clinical data for 20 years.
    These implants are currently in use in over 75 counties
    worldwide through strict quality control.

  • View Hospital pursues safe
    cosmetic surgery.

    Breast screening before surgery and
    continuous check-ups after surgery
    are available.

Breast ultrasound examination before surgery/ breast cancer screening / mammotome equipment examination.

* Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.